12 Monthly Habits – March Update

Can you believe it’s already March? I can because I just had to make my bed every day in February, and I hated it.


We’ve kept it going. It does make the room look cleaner, which – if you know me – I like a clean room. In fact, on Monday morning, Caroline was out the door pretty quick for a morning meeting. And guess what?!?! I made the bed…BY MYSELF!

So I guess what I’m kinda saying is that despite my whining here, we will probably continue to make the bed.  It definitely generated a lot of discussion on facebook…

Then my Mom weighed in…

#LoveYouTooMom #TotallyKnowWhatSheMeansThough

So let’s move onto March.  March’s goal is to cook at least 2 new recipes each week.  Since March started in the middle of the week, we did just one new recipe last week.  Caroline cooked up a delicious lemon chicken in the crockpot that we used in our lunches.  This AH-mazing chicken recipe was super simple and is courtesy of Nan (also the maker of the Magic Blanket).  If you are interested, let us know and we will post the recipe in the comments.

For this week, Caroline got down and dirty in the kitchen again this week.  One of the great things about growing up in churches is that we have an endless supply of recipes to choose from.  We have lots of church recipes that include pounds of butter and multiple “pinches” of salt.  On Monday, we devoured a chicken enchilada recipe that was seriously good…like drooling just thinking about it good.  We’ve got plenty to go around if you want to stop over and try some.  It goes great with queso, but what doesn’t? (Answer: Nothing)

For the second recipe, Caroline has created a new chicken and rice recipe. Hard to go wrong there, but we haven’t had it yet so we will withhold judgment until a later blog post. Now before you say anything, I’ve noticed that Caroline has cooked the first three recipes, and I’ll be sure to do my fair share before the month is over!

If you would like any of the recipes, comment below and we will hook you up.

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