12Monthly Habits – February Update

Making your bed is for the birds. Seriously…it’s terrible. In case you never made our bed before, let me walk you through our steps.

  1. Throw off all the extra blankets because they are heavy.  You can’t maneuver the comforter with the weight of the extra blankets.  These blankets are known as #MagicBlankets.  Ask any Baum family member, my dad and step-mom, and the Hovis’ about the power of #MagicBlankets.
  2. Move the pillows to the top of the bed to get them out of the way.  Or just throw them on the floor.
  3. Find the sheet to pull towards the top of the bed.  We have to find the sheet because my wife sleeps spastically.  She literally runs in her sleep.  It’s the reason we own a king size bed.  Because of her sleep running, sometimes the sheet ends up scrunched up at the bottom of the bed.
  4. Pull up the comforter to the top of the bed.
  5. Re-arrange the pillows.
  6. Add decorative pillows.
  7. Fold extra blankets and place at foot of bed.

This is WAAAAAYYY too much to do first thing in the morning. I’m very much a morning person.  Caroline is very much not.  I’m very particular about things like wrinkles and things being straight.  Caroline is very much not.  It’s a battle that neither of us want to fight especially when we will mess it back up in roughly 16 hours.  In fact, my exact words one morning were, “there is no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that I’ll keep this habit up.”

In order to prove to you that we have made the bed every day, I wanted to take 28 photos (one for every day in February).  Caroline refused to allow this on the blog because she didn’t love our comforter.  Obviously,  we needed a new comforter complete with decorative throw pillows. And obviously, I agreed because she controls the decor in our household, and she’s really good at it so I usually never offer an opinion.  She buys, she points, and I hang/assemble/lift/paint/etc.  So one Sunday we went to Target and picked out a new comforter.  After washing the sheets and remaking the bed for the day, Caroline said, “this could help me stay motivated to continue making the bed.”  I mention this for two reasons:

  1. I still have no plans to make the bed past February 28th so more power to her!
  2. I’m going to need to pull this blog post out at a later date and let Caroline revisit her quote.  I mean I love my wife, but I also know my wife. Can’t wait to mention this quote come mid-April.  🙂

Now that I’ve built up the anticipation of what our new comforter looks like, here you go…(#facepalm)

It’s not white…it’s a soft, neutral khaki.  It’s also worth mentioning that every decoration in our house (including the one above the bed) are never intended to be hung on the wall.  Caroline has a knack for decorating (like seriously you can hire her…she’s that good…my mom and sister both used her), but she tends to pick items that I have to figure out how to hang. For example, “Here are 6 old windows. Hang them in our stairwell in the most obscure way anyone can think of.  Here are some shutters. Hang them above our couch (ask us about this project one day…great story).  Here is a round, wheel-looking thingy.  Hang it on a wall and make sure it doesn’t rattle (it rattled for 2 years)”  They all look amazing, but it’s seriously a challenge.

Moral of the story: Find better things to do with your time than make your bed. Also, don’t touch ANYTHING on our walls!