A change of pace for this space

Sometimes I miss writing on my blog, but a 2-year-old is one of the best time sucks I could ask for. This month my wife got me motivated to write again when she challenged our family to complete 12 new habits for the upcoming year.  We have created a list of 12 new things we are going to do each month (one per month) for 2017.  The list is subject to change at any point if we get better ideas along the way, and we still have 1 month open at this point so feel free to offer up ideas.

So here’s the list…

  1. January – No screens before bed and we must read a book (the paperbound kind, not of the kindle variety) each night.
  2. February – Make our bed every day.  We don’t do this at all unless people are coming over (as if we think everyone who comes over wants to see our bedroom).  I think our parents made us do it so much as kids that Caroline and I agreed (telepathically, never out loud) to never make our bed for the last 6 years of our marriage.
  3. March – We will cook 2 new recipes each week. #LetsBeHonest, if it can be cooked in Pampered Chef’s microwave cooker (seriously…check it out) or the crockpot then it doesn’t usually get cooked in our house.  Obviously, this one will be a challenge.
  4. April – 25 push ups every day. Pretty explanatory. #swole
  5. May – Take a walk every day.
  6. June – No fried foods. This will truly be difficult because we love french fries, but lately we’ve been diggin’ sweet potato fries so losing those will be devastating as well.
  7. July – We will complete one house improvement each week.  These improvements can be decorative, enhancements, or anything the wifey deems need to be done.
  8. August – Looking for recommendations
  9. September – Caroline has been pushing this one on me for years, but I’m a red-blooded, meat-loving American. However, because my wife is persistently loving, we will eat two vegetarian meals each week.
  10. October – Our goal is to run FOUR 5Ks in a month.  This may be moved to another month depending on 5k availability.
  11. November – During this month, Caroline and I will sit down for 20 minutes at the end of every day and talk to each other. No screens, no distractions, no baby, just talk.
  12. December – Complete an advent devotion every day as a family.

There you have it.  Our 2017 Monthly Habits list.  Remember we are still taking recommendations so please leave a few in the comments.

4 thoughts on “A change of pace for this space

  1. Marci Fisher

    Love that you’re blogging again, son of mine. May get me motivated to do the same.

    I like the date night idea for August but might I suggest alternating weeks with @cbmiles & #sjmiles? That has the potential to be your persistently loving wife’s favorite month!!

  2. Barbara Abbey

    Visit the ocean could be something for August. Also I read today that 17% of people sleep better if their bed is made.

  3. Bill Ferriter

    Hey Pal,

    First, thanks for writing this. It reminded me that being a good professional can’t begin until I feel renewed and fulfilled as a person. The promises that you made will strengthen your family and a strong family is a strong foundation for being better at everything you do in your life. I might need to copy your idea for my family. I think my wife would be into it.

    Second: A recommendation for August — Take a picture of your kid every single day. My daughter is seven now and I feel like we missed out on a lot of good picture/video taking moments that we’ll never get back.

    Can’t wait to see you sometime in the new year. Appreciate your friendship!

    Rock on,

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