June Update – #12MonthlyHabits

I know you’ve all been wondering what happened in May.  Well, we went a month of no fried foods.  It was way harder than we anticipated, but we did it.  We also didn’t blog about it because life got busy.  So let’s move on…nothing to see here.

However, we have a lot to talk about for June.  June’s monthly habit has been home renovations! We’ve got two down and two more to go.  The first two were doozies so the next two will be a bit more decorative and budget friendly!

Project #1 – Front Natural Area Make Over

Caroline and I both hated the bushes in the front of the house.  They were just boring evergreen bushes, and they were dying.  Because of this blog, we finally decided to pull the trigger and hire someone to do the work.  🙂

Here’s a before picture – Sorry I should have gotten more before photos.  This photo is from the fall (obviously), but it shows those bushes (that we hate) really well.

We worked with Atlantic Avenue Orchard and Garden on this project.  They sent an expert over to help us walk through our plan.  I specifically asked for LOW MAINTENANCE plants and expanding the natural area to surround a few ground clean outs in our front yard.  The rest I left up to them.  I was very pleased with the job they did, and I highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone looking for landscape renovations.

Here are a few during and after photos:

Project #2 – Trim the Trees

I’ve been doing this myself for the last few years, but this time I hired another company, Bartlett Tree Experts.  I’ve taken numerous trips to the landfill to get rid of limbs and yard waste, and it’s exhausting and costs me $$$ every time.  Also, we have a lot of branches high in the trees that hard to get down safely.  I’ve done my fair share of cutting and running as the branch falls.

So here’s something you don’t read or say very often! We needed a professional arborist! And lo and behold, I was picking up dinner at Gatehouse Tavern about a month ago, and I met a guy named Allen who happened to be an arborist and worked for Bartlett.  I enjoyed talking with Allen so much that I hired his crew the next week.

Here are a couple of process photos just to show how many branches are really attached to trees.

Now here is a before and after photo that showcases both projects at complete.  The before photo is the Google Street View of our house, and the after photo is the one I just walked outside to take.

And the most important part?  The Mrs. approves of everything! Be on the lookout for the next two home renovations!


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      1. Bud miles

        Luke, I know what you mean about hiring someone. I have been adopted by Ron Southard a d his brother in law Gary. They do all of the yard work and fix everything around the house. If they can’t do, they know someone who can. My life is much better. Of course, I am just a little older than you. Hope to see you when we return. Love, Grandad

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