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June Update – #12MonthlyHabits

I know you’ve all been wondering what happened in May.  Well, we went a month of no fried foods.  It was way harder than we anticipated, but we did it.  We also didn’t blog about it because life got busy.  So let’s move on…nothing to see here.

However, we have a lot to talk about for June.  June’s monthly habit has been home renovations! We’ve got two down and two more to go.  The first two were doozies so the next two will be a bit more decorative and budget friendly!

Project #1 – Front Natural Area Make Over

Caroline and I both hated the bushes in the front of the house.  They were just boring evergreen bushes, and they were dying.  Because of this blog, we finally decided to pull the trigger and hire someone to do the work.  🙂

Here’s a before picture – Sorry I should have gotten more before photos.  This photo is from the fall (obviously), but it shows those bushes (that we hate) really well.

We worked with Atlantic Avenue Orchard and Garden on this project.  They sent an expert over to help us walk through our plan.  I specifically asked for LOW MAINTENANCE plants and expanding the natural area to surround a few ground clean outs in our front yard.  The rest I left up to them.  I was very pleased with the job they did, and I highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone looking for landscape renovations.

Here are a few during and after photos:

Project #2 – Trim the Trees

I’ve been doing this myself for the last few years, but this time I hired another company, Bartlett Tree Experts.  I’ve taken numerous trips to the landfill to get rid of limbs and yard waste, and it’s exhausting and costs me $$$ every time.  Also, we have a lot of branches high in the trees that hard to get down safely.  I’ve done my fair share of cutting and running as the branch falls.

So here’s something you don’t read or say very often! We needed a professional arborist! And lo and behold, I was picking up dinner at Gatehouse Tavern about a month ago, and I met a guy named Allen who happened to be an arborist and worked for Bartlett.  I enjoyed talking with Allen so much that I hired his crew the next week.

Here are a couple of process photos just to show how many branches are really attached to trees.

Now here is a before and after photo that showcases both projects at complete.  The before photo is the Google Street View of our house, and the after photo is the one I just walked outside to take.

And the most important part?  The Mrs. approves of everything! Be on the lookout for the next two home renovations!


Abs Are Built in The Kitchen

…or at least that’s what I read on the interwebs.

For March, we slaved over hot ovens and greasy pans to cook two new recipes every week.  If I’m being honest, we mostly watched the most delicious magic happen in our crockpot, but we did it…

Well almost…

Our goal was to cook 8 recipes for March, and we made it 7.  We had an amazing Italian chicken recipe on deck for March 31, and then life happened and we wanted tacos.  However, we still found some amazing recipes so here is the breakdown with commentary

Week 1

Lee’s Chicken Enchiladas – Slap yo mama good.  Sorry Mom! Taste them first and see if you blame me.

Lemon Chicken – Courtesy of Nan (also the creator of the Magic Blanket) via the Grace Presbyterian Church Cook Book.  This is a lunch staple in our house now.  It’s an extremely easy crockpot recipe.  In fact, we are eating this for lunch this week.  Just pair this very easy crockpot recipe with some freshly steamed vegetables and it’s the perfect meal prep option.

Week 2

Sesame Chicken – This was a tangy Asian-fusion option from the crockpot. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan, but I could be willing to try this again as a dinner entree instead of with our lunches.

Chicken Casserole

Week 3

Chicken Spaghetti – I saw this on Facebook over a year ago and saved the video. Every now and then Facebook would remind me that I saved it so we used it.  It’s good, contains a lot of cheese (1 pound of Velveeta), and sits well after a hards day work. #comfortfood

Parmesan Chicken – This was a lunch option for us one day. Just a simple breaded parmesan chicken breast.  Very tasty and a good lunch choice.

Week 4

Taco Pie – Sounds weird, but it was super good. It’s a heavy duty meal though so we recommend using ground turkey instead of beef.

Italian Chicken – R.I.P. This will live to see another day!  Oh what could have been! If only tacos, margaritas, and queso weren’t so delicious!

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. We eat a lot of chicken.  Like a lot.  We spend a lot of money on chicken as well, and we buy it in bulk.
  2. We are picky about the type of chicken we use.
  3. We’ve definitely added a few recipes to our repertoire especially the enchiladas and lemon chicken.
  4. Crockpot=LOVE

April is all about fitness for us.  We are each committed to doing 25 pushups every day for the entire month of April! So far so good! I’ve started lifting weights regularly instead of just boxing as well.  I’m using the 5×5 Strong Lifts routine to keep it short and focused.  We will update you in a few weeks to let you know about our progress.  Expect an update with more aches and pains than anything else.

12 Monthly Habits – March Update

Can you believe it’s already March? I can because I just had to make my bed every day in February, and I hated it.


We’ve kept it going. It does make the room look cleaner, which – if you know me – I like a clean room. In fact, on Monday morning, Caroline was out the door pretty quick for a morning meeting. And guess what?!?! I made the bed…BY MYSELF!

So I guess what I’m kinda saying is that despite my whining here, we will probably continue to make the bed.  It definitely generated a lot of discussion on facebook…

Then my Mom weighed in…

#LoveYouTooMom #TotallyKnowWhatSheMeansThough

So let’s move onto March.  March’s goal is to cook at least 2 new recipes each week.  Since March started in the middle of the week, we did just one new recipe last week.  Caroline cooked up a delicious lemon chicken in the crockpot that we used in our lunches.  This AH-mazing chicken recipe was super simple and is courtesy of Nan (also the maker of the Magic Blanket).  If you are interested, let us know and we will post the recipe in the comments.

For this week, Caroline got down and dirty in the kitchen again this week.  One of the great things about growing up in churches is that we have an endless supply of recipes to choose from.  We have lots of church recipes that include pounds of butter and multiple “pinches” of salt.  On Monday, we devoured a chicken enchilada recipe that was seriously good…like drooling just thinking about it good.  We’ve got plenty to go around if you want to stop over and try some.  It goes great with queso, but what doesn’t? (Answer: Nothing)

For the second recipe, Caroline has created a new chicken and rice recipe. Hard to go wrong there, but we haven’t had it yet so we will withhold judgment until a later blog post. Now before you say anything, I’ve noticed that Caroline has cooked the first three recipes, and I’ll be sure to do my fair share before the month is over!

If you would like any of the recipes, comment below and we will hook you up.

12Monthly Habits – February Update

Making your bed is for the birds. Seriously…it’s terrible. In case you never made our bed before, let me walk you through our steps.

  1. Throw off all the extra blankets because they are heavy.  You can’t maneuver the comforter with the weight of the extra blankets.  These blankets are known as #MagicBlankets.  Ask any Baum family member, my dad and step-mom, and the Hovis’ about the power of #MagicBlankets.
  2. Move the pillows to the top of the bed to get them out of the way.  Or just throw them on the floor.
  3. Find the sheet to pull towards the top of the bed.  We have to find the sheet because my wife sleeps spastically.  She literally runs in her sleep.  It’s the reason we own a king size bed.  Because of her sleep running, sometimes the sheet ends up scrunched up at the bottom of the bed.
  4. Pull up the comforter to the top of the bed.
  5. Re-arrange the pillows.
  6. Add decorative pillows.
  7. Fold extra blankets and place at foot of bed.

This is WAAAAAYYY too much to do first thing in the morning. I’m very much a morning person.  Caroline is very much not.  I’m very particular about things like wrinkles and things being straight.  Caroline is very much not.  It’s a battle that neither of us want to fight especially when we will mess it back up in roughly 16 hours.  In fact, my exact words one morning were, “there is no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that I’ll keep this habit up.”

In order to prove to you that we have made the bed every day, I wanted to take 28 photos (one for every day in February).  Caroline refused to allow this on the blog because she didn’t love our comforter.  Obviously,  we needed a new comforter complete with decorative throw pillows. And obviously, I agreed because she controls the decor in our household, and she’s really good at it so I usually never offer an opinion.  She buys, she points, and I hang/assemble/lift/paint/etc.  So one Sunday we went to Target and picked out a new comforter.  After washing the sheets and remaking the bed for the day, Caroline said, “this could help me stay motivated to continue making the bed.”  I mention this for two reasons:

  1. I still have no plans to make the bed past February 28th so more power to her!
  2. I’m going to need to pull this blog post out at a later date and let Caroline revisit her quote.  I mean I love my wife, but I also know my wife. Can’t wait to mention this quote come mid-April.  🙂

Now that I’ve built up the anticipation of what our new comforter looks like, here you go…(#facepalm)

It’s not white…it’s a soft, neutral khaki.  It’s also worth mentioning that every decoration in our house (including the one above the bed) are never intended to be hung on the wall.  Caroline has a knack for decorating (like seriously you can hire her…she’s that good…my mom and sister both used her), but she tends to pick items that I have to figure out how to hang. For example, “Here are 6 old windows. Hang them in our stairwell in the most obscure way anyone can think of.  Here are some shutters. Hang them above our couch (ask us about this project one day…great story).  Here is a round, wheel-looking thingy.  Hang it on a wall and make sure it doesn’t rattle (it rattled for 2 years)”  They all look amazing, but it’s seriously a challenge.

Moral of the story: Find better things to do with your time than make your bed. Also, don’t touch ANYTHING on our walls!

12MonthlyHabits – January Update Completed

January’s monthly habit is complete, and I can speak for both Caroline and me when I say that “no screens once your head hits the pillow” is the best thing!  We could not have chosen a better habit to pick up for January.  We both agree that we are sleeping better and feel more rested once the day gets moving.  But you could have probably concluded that based on my last post so let’s move on.

Caroline’s biggest complaint was that she couldn’t watch “big games” in bed, which she loves – and it’s one of many reasons I asked her to marry me.  We were “forced” to watch State games, Panther games, and other must-see sporting events downstairs on our 70 inch HDTV in my leather man’s chair (emphasis on manliest of men) and plush, comfortable couch. Seeing as how this is an honest place — sometimes being downstairs until 11 to finish a game was brutal and we wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and watch the game. #FirstWorldProblem

The Verdict: We have decided to continue this practice with one exception.  We will continue the no screens habit for the foreseeable future, but we will permit the TV to be turned on to a game that specifically interests us.  We will never use phones again.  I might also pick my kindle back up (remember we had to read actual books for January), but it’s not the fancy kind so I can only read on it.