12MonthlyHabits – January Update Completed

January’s monthly habit is complete, and I can speak for both Caroline and me when I say that “no screens once your head hits the pillow” is the best thing!  We could not have chosen a better habit to pick up for January.  We both agree that we are sleeping better and feel more rested once the day gets moving.  But you could have probably concluded that based on my last post so let’s move on.

Caroline’s biggest complaint was that she couldn’t watch “big games” in bed, which she loves – and it’s one of many reasons I asked her to marry me.  We were “forced” to watch State games, Panther games, and other must-see sporting events downstairs on our 70 inch HDTV in my leather man’s chair (emphasis on manliest of men) and plush, comfortable couch. Seeing as how this is an honest place — sometimes being downstairs until 11 to finish a game was brutal and we wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and watch the game. #FirstWorldProblem

The Verdict: We have decided to continue this practice with one exception.  We will continue the no screens habit for the foreseeable future, but we will permit the TV to be turned on to a game that specifically interests us.  We will never use phones again.  I might also pick my kindle back up (remember we had to read actual books for January), but it’s not the fancy kind so I can only read on it.